Progress on the car

Spent some quality time under the Corvette today. It’s making progress! Today I wrestled the transmission back into position. For those not familiar with the transmission on a C4 Corvette, I’ll take this moment to point out that it’s German. Rather, a german truck transmission. Which means it’s really f-ing heavy. I’ve heard 125 lbs, which doesn’t seem far off.

As I’ve done every time now, I used the “Primative Pete” method that Bob and I developed the first time we did the transmission on this car. This involves using little blocks of 2×4 as cribbing to slowly raise the transmission up high enough to get a floor jack under the middle of it. Even with this, it’s not fun tryin to lift each end up while lying on your back – there’s no leverage, and it sometimes wants to flip on it’s side.

But, I was successful. Even got the hateful C-channel (the “Driveline Support Beam”) back in fairly easy. I think it was actually more difficult to bold the driveshaft back on.

Still to do, from memory:

  1. Tighten motor mounts (loosened to make transmission install easier)
  2. Finish electrical connections (possibly replace MAP sensor connector) including re-install ASR Module. ** Update – dealer wants $34 for the pigtail. Think I can get it cheaper elsewhere
  3. Hook up rad/heater hoses, fill and bleed cooling system. ** Hooked up hoses, need to acquire coolant
  4. Install clutch slave cylinder
  5. Re-assemble console
  6. Change differential fluid
  7. Top up transmission oil
  8. Install exhaust system
  9. Acquire new serpentine belt and install
  10. Install fuel system
  11. Drain as much old fuel as possible from tank first
  12. Check all fluids (oil, water mainly)
  13. Start! Break-in time (keep revs up to keep Cam oiled). Check for leaks, etc. 20 minutes of run-time basically
  14. Change oil filter (get rid of break-in cruft) ** Found new filter in boxes of stuff in garage – yay!
  15. Re-install wheel well panels
  16. Renew registration!
  17. Road test??!?!?

I’m sure there’s more little things as I go, but it’s looking promising. The pile of fasteners and parts is just about gone.

Once this thing gets back on the road, then I need to do 500 or so break-in miles, change the oil (back to Synthetic, thinking going Redline this time), then it should be good to go for general use! And it’s only been nearly 2 years… wow.

2 thoughts on “Progress on the car

  1. Dad says “Thanks for bringing us up to speed.” We can’t wait to see it on the road once again! Dad says he’s available for outside detailing once the mechanicals are completed. He’s got the chemicals and he’s not afraid to use them!

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