Friday in London

Woke up to rain today — guess I can’t really complain about that though given how much rain there’s been at home while I’ve been gone!

Busy day in London today – several meetings at work, getting ready for $Boss to head off to Bangkok and work with the team there while I’m in the London office for another 3.5 days. Grabbed a quick lunch again at Pret (nothing special), spent some time printing out maps and ideas for what to do this weekend, and then dinner tonite was Shish. Shish was pretty good – music was a little obnonious, but I guess that’s a “friday night in London” thing. Food was really nice, filling, and tasty!

Tomorrow, off to play Tourist finally. Definites are the Science Museum and the Natural History museum. We’ll see what kind of time I have then for other things. Gotta pick up a subway pass…