London, Day 0-1

Made it to London without too much drama. Departing flight from BWI was about 20 minutes late, but we made up time enroute… then burned it being stacked up a little bit at Heathrow due to an earlier evacuation of the ATC tower — not a real fire, just a false alarm thankfully.

Heathrow Express to Paddington – Uneventful
Took some walking to get to the right Underground line that I needed. Just bought a 1-trip Tube pass this time. Made the transfer and got to Old St. Station and then my Hotel around 11:00 local time.

Cleaned up a bit (travel funk) then ambled out for some lunch. Took the low road and grabbed a sandwich and chipscrisps from Pret a Manger — I wasn’t awake enough to really negotiate anything more complicated. Plus, it’s directly across the street from the office so I could scope the joint out :)

Back to the hotel and I succumbed to paying for WiFi and a Nap – in that order.

Just got back from grabbing dinner, but mistakenly stubled again into pre-fab-food. Miso Noddle Bar in Hoxton wasn’t my first choice – I was originally looking for a place called Blossom, but upon second look it seem that they may have moved? Miso wasn’t bad, but I quickly realized that they were basically microwaving everything. No actual cooking in sight. At least they serve beer… It was basically Japanese fast-food… with beer.

Hopefully somewhat back on track now to actually sleep tonite and be able to function tomorrow.