London Weekend

For probably one of the first times in business travel, I actually had some time to play Tourist this trip. I didn’t exactly get up Saturday and hit the town. Sleep hasn’t been great this week, so I took some time to catch up and slept in a bit.

Saturday’s adventure was the Science Museum. Took the Tube to South Kensington and walked the underground tunnel to the Museum (think they get much rain here?). First up was the Wallace and Grommit “A World of Cracking Ideas” special exhibit. Basically it was all about inventions and patents. As a fan of the shows, it was neat to see many of the actual sets used in the filming of the cartoons. Lots of good W&G theming throughout. I think that at ₤9 it may have been a little over-priced, but since the rest of the Museum is free it wasn’t bad overall.

I think I actually enjoyed the Flight exhibit more – mainly all of the vintage aircraft motors on display — from small one or two cylinders, up to a massive jet turbine from a modern airliner, with plenty of radial and in-line piston motors in between. Most were actually pretty accessable too, with several being cut-away at various places for display. Wonderful craftsmanship.

Afterwards I took a walk and found Yet Another Pub to grab a late lunch/early dinner. First time for Fish & Chips this trip! Fish and Chips good, “Minted Mushy Peas” not so good…

I took a slight detour to Waterlook to check things out, but cut it short since my legs were starting to kill me. I am simply just not used to the steps that I’ve been subjected to this week, mostly by the Underground stations.

Sunday was more sleeping in (surprise). Since F1 was on today (Live!) I started out by hitting another Pub for some lunch and to watch the race. After the checker I hit the Tube again and headed back to South Kensington, but time time for the Natural History Museum. Last time we were over (in 2005) this was one of Kim’s favorites so I wanted to check it out this time. I did not disappoint — with a little bit of everything I was able to move thru the various areas again in several hours. The robotic T-Rex (and some other robotic dinos) were very cool, though the viewing area for the T-Rex was a bit of a clusterf*ck with people stopping on a narrow walkway to take pictures. Apparently not knowing that it’s not OK to just stop in the middle if an aisle, stairway, hallway, etc is a common affliction for Tourists :)

Legs started to get sore again, so back to the hotel. Had to detour a little due to some unplanned downtime on the Piccadilly line, but made it back without incident. I thought this was going to be another one-meal day, but hunger got the best of me and I made the walk a few blocks up to Red Planet Pizza for a small (medium) pie. Little doughy (I asked for thin crust, they gave me thick) but the price was right and still hit the spot.

Finishing the evening settled in watching some Tivo via the Slingbox now. Back to work tomorrow.

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  1. Really enjoying your travel blog. I know you are missing home, but it sounds like you’re at least taking advantage of the opportunity. See you when you are back in the States. Mom

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