Snowpocalypse – Day 2

We appear to be plowed out now! Ended up doing the driveway ourselves, after our Neighbor got his truck stuck trying to plow our part of the driveway.

Beginning of day 2. The view from the Top.

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Kim working with the snowblower

Very stuck truck

Thankfully, our neighbor Bill was able to clear the rest of the driveway. From the mailbox to our garage it’s right about a quarter mile.

View from the bottom - mailbox end, looking up!

I think we got it clear enough so that we’ll get some melting action happening today.

Still have to clear Kim’s car — once it warms up enough so we can open the doors. D’oh!

2 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse – Day 2

  1. Congratulations on getting cleared rather quickly! I paid Brickman an extra 40 bucks to get our little driveway cleared. They even did my car (glad I had the cover on it). I just didn’t feel up to doing it and I really don’t want Dad shoveling. I am so ready to go south! So we are out – not looking forward to 5:30 am tomorrow when I have to go to work! Stay warm and we’ll talk to you soon.

    Love, Mom

  2. I’d say that was well worth it! We manged to get my car in the garage yesterday (after getting it stuck when I slid across the parking area) so at least we had more room to work today.

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