What’s wrong with this statement?

An offer from Bank of America trying to sell us a home warranty arrived in yesterday’s junk-mail, using the ever so cute “Birthday for the House” scenario – “Did you know that your home is turning 25 this year?”.

As I was getting ready to tear it up and trash the unsolicited home warranty offer, one sentence caught my eye.
“Now think about this: Since 1985, how many volts of electricity have flowed through your home’s electrical wiring system?”

Last time I checked, the Volt is a measure of electrical force, not a quantity. I believe the term they were really looking for was the Watt, or perhaps even the Joule.

Nominally, 110 volts AC are all that have ever flowed thru my home’s electrical wiring. Even the “220 volt” appliances are really just using two 110v feeds, 180 degrees out of phase.

Pedantics aside,  are they really trying to imply that electrical wiring is a “wear” item, subject to replacement purely on the basis of the quantity of electricity that it’s conducted?

Ah, scare tactics…