Day 1?

Needless to say, we turned in early on Friday! Spending 24? Hours or so in airplanes and airports tKs a toll, so after a short adventure to acquire iPad sims, it felt really good to hit the bed last night. Unfortunately for me, I had planned a pretty early AM start for Saturday. The plan was for me to meet up with Darrel, one of the other spouses tagging along, and make the drive down to Ayr and dive the wreck of the SS Yongala. Sadly, it was not meant to be. After making the hour drive, we arrived at the dive shop which was suspiciously quiet. We sat down to chow on a find McD’s breakfast, and one of the dive shop guys walked out to deliver the bad news — cancelled dives due to high winds. Oh well, our fault for not calling to confirm. Still, i got to see some more of the countryside. (Summary: LOTS of sugarcane…).

Coming back, we decided to visit Reef HQ which is where “the wives” are doing their classwork. We even managed to run into them at lunchtime, which was a nice treat. Darrel and I stuck out for other lunch options, finally settling on some sort of place with an odd us type Tex-Mex, which doesn’t really explain the mismatch of American decor. (Hollywood blvd. Sign?)

Made a detour back to The telstra store to troubleshoot the iPad sims (success!) and I’m thinking it will be another early evening for me.