More notes on Down Under

Some other observations:

– the weather has been, for me, absolutely perfect. The locals seem to think its rather cold, especially at night though. Mid 70’s days, and just a bit chilly at night. Perfect!

– it’s bloody expensive here. Meals, especially, have been higher than expected. Some of this I suspect is the normal boost due to being in somewhat of a tourist area, but mainly it’s due to the front Aussie dollar. Unfortunately here on the island, there aren’t many cheaper options, unless I want to add water to something prepackaged.

– a hammock is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Or morning. Or whenever.

Tomorrow we all head back to the mainland. Kim is back tomreef HQ, and hopefully the liveaboard so they can get their dives in. I hop a bus north to cairns to start that leg of the trip.