I miss my husband

It has been a bit under a week since I have seen Travis. I miss him a lot. I had my master plan reviewed by an advisory team today and I am on track to graduate in December. It was a l-o-n-g advisory session. 20 students in this class and each one of us had to go before our tribunal and explain our master’s plan and how it related to our professional lives, our personal lives, and how we represent the university. We also had to get feedback from our peers and develop out Inquiry Action Plans for the semester. Oy vey! I was told that mine is right on course and I am ahead of the pack…so that is a good thing. I just have to keep the motivation going until the end. I hope I can do it.

After our advisory session we were released to the town. Of course many of us had to get laundry done, so we walked about 2.5 miles to Uncle Sam’s laundry and had mass de-funking of our clothing. We watched the power boat races as we walked the strand…very cool! Much laughter always ensues when you have a room full of dorky science teachers trying to figure out the best and cheapest ways to do laundry. I have to say we have a good group of people here. I have caught up with a bunch of existing friends and made a few new ones. My sides still hurt from all of our field work laughter. It is impossible to keep a straight face when we are all slogging through mud looking our for snakes, crocs, and spiders. It is also impossible to keep a straight face when we try new food such as green ant abdomens (yum). Let’s just say there are a few classroom teachers here that do not have the same adventurous spirit as I do. I have less than 24 hours with these wonderful people…and who knows what the future may bring. We are all tossing around the idea of a Christmas dive in the keys…might be a possibility, as long as I bring my own dive buddy!

Off to throw down a few pints and enjoy some real Aussie food. (not lasagna or triangle sandwiches). Cheers!