Thank you.

As Christmas approached this year my anxieties were quite bad, and just like most things that develop in the mind, my anxieties were far worse than the day itself.

I want to extend a warm thank you to everyone for trying our experiment this year. I think I was the only one guilty of purchasing something that was neither wanted, nor needed, just because I enjoyed the novelty of it. (I still have the right to return it, if we so choose).

Because of everyone’s generosity, we were able to donate just over $1500 to various charities and causes around the state of Maryland. That is a lot of people and animals being helped that truly have needs! Here is a breakdown of where the help was spread:
St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
The American Cancer Foundation (to help with a friend’s cancer treatments)
The Mighty Sound of Maryland-Marching Band
The Maryland Food Bank
Carroll County Foods Sunday
4 homeless bags were created (3 have been distributed so far)

Because of everyone’s caring, there was less waste in the landfill, there was less money wasted, there was less clutter in homes, and the joy of the season could be spent focused on those around us and not on the stuff that we had to carry around. This meant a lot to Travis and I, especially me.

Everyone said, “but we wanted to give something.” What you didn’t see was by giving to others, you gave us one of the best gifts you possibly could, you gave us the knowledge that children would not go to bed hungry, that a homeless person would feel seen, that sick children, from all around the world, had a chance of feeling better and their families could be given hope. That animals that were abused, neglected or tossed out, had an extra shot at finding their forever homes. And that college students could follow their passions and have the outlet of music in tough economic times.
The gifts that you “did not give” provided so many more gifts than you can ever imagine! You gave us so very much–and for that, we are eternally grateful!

Here’s to a peaceful, productive, and bright 2012!

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