On our way home

Waiting for our flight to L.A. in Brisbane….2 crying babies have been spotted. Gonna be a long flight.

Last full day in OZ

Yesterday was another busy day of sight seeing and looking for the elusive possum. We caught a ride with a tour company to pick up Katie and head down to the billabong sanctuary, a small zoo that highlights native animals. They were hit pretty hard by cyclone Yasi, and were one of the only things that I have seen that haven’t blatantly covered up their losses, they have pictures and descriptions all over so we can see the devastating effects that storm had. At this zoo, many native animals are habituated. They have wombats, and cockatoos, whistling ducks, magpie geese, grey kangaroo, freshwater turtles, cassuaries, bettongs (which I need to learn more about), koala, crocodiles, snakes, dingos and a water buffalo.

Highlights of that visit Include, holding Tonka, the wombat, and Houdini the Koala, as well as feeding the grey kangaroos and whistling ducks. Traditionally, I would say these practices are not a good experience, but the messaging with contact was good, and handling was always supervised and done with dignity for the animal. They work closely with the wildlife administration as well so I did not feel quite so skeevy about it.

Katie had to do some work so we parted ways and went back to the hotel for a rest. Sometimes zah time is just as important as active time. Then Katie returned and we went to dinner at a Tex Mex place. The food was good, especially the chocolate nachos!! Then we dashed over to the theater and caught Cars 2. It was a fun day.

This is our last full day here, we are thinking about having a little BBQ on the beach and then looking once agin for possums, a gollum-like creature with fingers and a long tail beady eyes, and is an omnivore. I have been told they are everywhere but haven’t seen a single one. So I’m determined to see one of these things before I leave!

I’m not looking forward to packing and our early flight out tomorrow. July 8th will be our longest day ever!!!

Don’t worry

I was just informed from folks back home that there were 2 Earthquakes here in Australia…no where near us. I may have friends who experienced it but Trav and I slept soundly. No worries!