Just a quick snipped of the footage I shot in Australia. Still loading it in (80GB of raw data is expanding to nearly 800GB when imported into iMovie)

Don’t forget to click on the resolution there at the bottom – this was shot in 1080p, and exported to 720p HD.


Today finds us in our first full day on Magnetic Island. I showed up sometime around lunch yesterday, while Kim and the rest of her class were here a bit earlier. After a short wait, I was checked into my bungalow, which is a perfect little space. It’s pretty no frills (except for air conditioning) but is secure, dry, clean, and even has a little fridge, as well as power to recharge the various gadgets. Other than that, it’s more or less a mattress on a little raised platform. Perfect for this area, really!

Plenty of wildlife around – notably at least 3 kookaburra, as well as other birds that I can’t recall the names of at this point.

The most pleasant surprise of this leg of the journey has been that Kim and I have been able to cross paths some, even getting to hang out with her and her classmates last night out on the beach. That was when the crazy guy who owns this place came rolling up looking for us to show us the snake he had just picked up from a local — a “common death adder”. That qualifies in my book as one of the more interesting show-and-tells I’ve ever experienced!

Tomorrow we all head back to the mainland, where we finally part ways for a bit. I begin the trek to Cairns, and Kim is back at Reef HQ. Also, sadly, Saturday’s planned dive on the SS Yongala was blown out. Still, it was a pleasant ride south to Ayr.

More later!