Power, or lack thereof.

Power failure here at the house today. First one I think we’ve really had since we moved in here in late 2005. BGE’s saying it’ll be fixed by 13:30 today… I’ve only got 23 minutes of laptop battery left though, so if it doesn’t come back soon I guess I’ll be relocating to a local eating establishment…

At least with the EVDO card, it doesn’t actually have to be any place that offers free WiFi. All I need is some sweet, sweet 110v AC.

At the moment (11:00), BGE is reporting 180 outage reports. All clustered right around my location.


Apparently Comcast decided this AM to suddenly block outbound mail connections on port 25 — the “usual” port we all use for sending e-mail.  Googling revealed that this is not uncommon, and neither is their apparent inabilty to, you know, tell anyone about this in advance.

To work around this I had to switch to using the alternate smtp “submission” port 587. Thankfully that basically entailed un-commenting one line in Postfix’s master.cf and reloading. And after banging head on desk a couple times, adding the correct line to the firewall config as well…