Small Numbers

This morning as I started work the outside temperature was 6 degrees (F). That’s f-ing cold in my book. I was lucky and only have to go out when I let the dogs out. Kim had to head into the Zoo in it.

The amazing thing (for me at least) is that we still have not resorted to running the heat pump yet. It’s been off since it ran for a couple of days of A/C in the middle of the summer. We’re 100% heating with the wood stove, still. Before replacing the windows and adding the storm door, I don’t think it would’ve been possible to keep things comfortable with just the stove. Mornings can be a bit chilly before we get the stove stoked, but it’s felt colder in there with the heat running prior to the improvements. 20 year old windows are not your friend when it comes to energy use! Even a mid-grade window/door upgrade will dramatically change the heat loss characteristics.

Downside is, we’re going thru wood at an alarming rate. I need to get my ass out and start splitting more before we get a significant snowfall.


The Westminster Eagle contacted Kim for some reason since they heard that she’s an Americorps alum. Guess it was to do with the Inaugural parade.

They wanted a photo to go with it, so they arranged a photog to meet her at Bear Branch for a Mug Shot Head shot. I tried to stay out of the way. This was shot thru the window from inside.