2012-The year of activism

I could have titled this post the year of the fear, uncertainty and doubt, but I am trying to throw this into a positive spin. In just a simple 5 months of 2012, I have advocated for equal rights in humans, and now I am advocating for equal rights for canines. When will the battles ever end?

Whether the issue is allowing one person to legally share a life with another person, or whether it is the issue with bully breeds, the one thing that is in common here is FEAR.

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Life with Bob White

7 days ago, the Dixon household grew to 22 individuals. 12 bipeds, 4 quadrupeds, and 6 fish. 10 of the bipeds in question are Bob White Quail Cheepers. These little guys are quite an experiment.

They came to us via a friend who hatches quail for a hobby. I thought initially that since we have ample habitat and relatively few quail that introducing these little guys would be an interesting experiment. However, upon doing some serious research and asking some important questions of my DNR friends I realized that most pen raised quail barely see 1 year of age, and risk introducing parasites and disease into the environment. Therefore, I nixed the grand operation to release them into the wild.

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Thank you.

As Christmas approached this year my anxieties were quite bad, and just like most things that develop in the mind, my anxieties were far worse than the day itself.

I want to extend a warm thank you to everyone for trying our experiment this year. I think I was the only one guilty of purchasing something that was neither wanted, nor needed, just because I enjoyed the novelty of it. (I still have the right to return it, if we so choose). Continue reading