More snow

Got the parking pad cleared, waiting on our wonderful neighbor to do the main part of the driveway once things stop coming down! No place to go, so no problem.

Managed to squeeze my car (the GTI) into the garage (along side the Corvette) and still have enough room for the tractor and snowblower. It’s a tight fit, but not having to make it to the shed to get implements of snow removal is a good thing. As is having my car, which has summer performance tires on it, off the slippery stuff. Got to use the VW tow hook for the first time today, after sliding across the parking pad in an attempt to move it into the garage…

2009 – Day 1

Welcome to 2009! I’m hoping to use the new site layout to post more pics this year. To start the year, some outdoor shots.

New Year’s Eve brought some pretty high winds in this area, and we lost a tree as a result.

NYE Wind-downed tree

NYE Wind-downed tree

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Mid-Atlantic Weather

You know it’s “Winter” in the mid-atlantic when yesterday it was 65 degrees out. And today it’s  36. And they’re forecasting an ice storm.

New battery in the truck, full gas can for tractor and snow-thrower, and ~500 lbs of rocksalt in the shed.